2016 Updates…


Well… I see that I have once again fallen behind on my website posts.  I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of uploading art to their respective galleries though – if you’d have a chance to peruse through them recently. 😉


keep-calm-and-imagine-create-inspire-2So, this year has gone a little differently than planned, but in a good way.  In late June I was finally able to go full time with my artwork.  Yay!  (que the balloons and confetti, haha)  As a result, I’ve been pretty busy. On the convention front, I think that I’m going to take some time off from them and focus more on private commissions, and my own artwork and line of products.  There may be a few conventions that I still attend for 2017, but smaller and more local ones.  As for my products… well… my bookmarks that I usually have at conventions are so much fun to design and create, that I feel that I must continue them.  Most are up in my Etsy shop, but some I still have yet to upload.  Plus, not a lot of people make bookmarks quite like mine, and I like that they’re unique; not only in their design, but also in their construction.  However, with that said, I feel that I want to branch out a bit from just the ‘geek’ themes.  I’m not quite sure what that means just yet, but I know it will be fun discovering it along the way in the design process.


Kid Ahsoka – Star Wars Rebels

I’ve also started a new line of portraits that are kind of like dolls or large-eyed kids.  I haven’t quiet decided, but they certainly are fun to paint.  I know the style has been around for decades, made most famous by Margaret Keane in the 1960s, and others since then.  But Mine seem to be a little different.  I’m essentially applying all of my painting techniques to these cute little kids with the large eyes, of characters we all know and love.  I guess you could also say that they are almost ‘chibi’ style as well.  But I leave that up to the viewer to decide.  I just paint what I think is cute. haha.


berrydamask_plannerpromo_mainimage-800I also will be designing more downloadable planners.  The day planner/calendar types.  I LOVE my planner, and while I don’t get into all of the stickers, labels, washi tape and all of that, I do love to color-code, and try and keep track of everything.  So… I figured why not share that with others.  I have a few designs currently in my Etsy Shop, but more are on the way soon. I just have to finish designing them! 😀  If there’s a particular layout or design that you’ve been looking for, either online or in stores, but you haven’t found it yet, I do take suggestions and will do custom planner designs at a moderate price.  So for all of my planner-fans – keep that in mind for the upcoming new year! 🙂


At this point, there’s no telling of what the future holds for me, art wise, but I know that it’s just going to be a wonderful ride.  So… until next time…




I am Jenn DePaola, a digital and traditional artist. I specialize in portraits, pinups, and other fun geeky stuff of the sci-fi & fantasy genre's.

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