Stay Afraid. But Do It Anyway…

Stay Afraid. But do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” – Carrie Fisher

I’ve been reflecting on the things throughout the year (2017) that I wasn’t able to get to, or didn’t do.  And I really feel that this quote, out of all Carrie’s brilliant quotes, is speaking to me at the beginning of 2018 for a reason. I’m thinking of it as Carrie telling me that I need to just to get off my ‘rear’ and do the things that I keep planning but keep putting off because it’s “not the perfect time” or “I don’t have this/that yet” – I just need to stop procrastinating or dwelling on the past and do it, whatever ‘it’ is! Though I’m sure she would add some ‘colorful’ words of encouragement in as well. 🙂

So…. with Ms. Fisher’s advice going off rather loudly in the back of my mind, I decided to take the portrait I did of her as General Organa and turn it into my computer’s wallpaper to remind me to keep going and to not get bogged down by whatever limitations or excuses I tell myself as to why I can’t do something. Soo… that’s my resolution for 2018 – to not worry about the confidence aspect and just focus on the action and the rest will follow.

Also, if there are other Carrie fans out there who would like to make 2018 your year for action and feel like you might need a little reminder too…. I am sharing this wallpaper for all to use. Click Here or the Image below to open in new window for download.
(Please do not re-distribute the wallpaper art/design on other sites, Thank you!)

Thanks so much, and I wish you all a Happy and ‘Action’ filled 2018! Let’s all make our Princess and General proud! <3

Until next time…


It’s that time again…


Hello My Beautiful Peoples!  Happy New Year!

Well, 2017 was certainly a year, wasn’t it? 😉 So many great things happened for my family and I this past year. The biggest being that we bought a new house! And… I now have an awesome new studio space! Yippee! Though I don’t have everything the way I want it just yet, I have it in a ‘workable’ setup for the time being. I think closer to spring time is when I’ll start posting pictures and updates on my studio – you know… when I actually begin to get everything painted and the furniture acquired and set up and all of that stuff.

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I’ve been working on new pieces, as well as private commissions, and am finally remembering to post an update. Only about seven months late, but better late than never, right? Oh, also I am going to also be putting most of my print inventory up in my Store, soon. It’s time to clear out the old, and make room for the new! I have so many ideas that I want to get to this year, and hopefully, with a little luck and hard work, I’ll get to them all. Between painting, designing, and working on the new house, it’s going to be a really full year ahead, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully some of you will follow along with my journey in 2018.

General Leia – May the Force Be With You

Also… If you haven’t had a chance to see what I’ve been up to lately, please, go check out my galleries, I have done a bit of an update to showcase all of the work I’ve been completing over these last few months and I hope you all enjoy viewing them as much as I loved creating them.

That’s about it for me for now, I have to get back to work… these paintings are going to paint themselves! 🙂  Thanks for catching up with me, and I hope to post again soon!

Until next time…



I’ve been MIA…


Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. This year has been kicking my bum, to be honest. I have been diligently working on commissions most of the year. Then in April my husband and I went to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando with several friends. Which was awesome! Tiring but awesome none-the-less. And on the return trip home from Celebration, the dreaded con crud hit. I recovered briefly for about two days before the second wave of crud hit me again. So, I was out of it for about 2.5 to 3 weeks after Celebration. I had to play catch up on a few commissions, but I’ve been back at it since late April.

Anyhow, I wanted to touch on something that I finally came to a decision on, and that’s the fact that I’m going to start reducing the number of commissions I take on during the year. The reason is due to projects that I’m starting that I want to devote more time to. Namely, more PINUPS! 😀  I got the idea a while back that I should “re-do” my Star Wars Pinups from back around 2010 & 2011, but update them and make their costumes more accurate. That means that their costumes will be as “movie canon” as possible. Given that I have plenty of awesome 501st Legion friends, including my husband, that will allow me to use their costumes (as well as themselves a bit, too) for reference, these new Pinups will walk that very fine line of still remaining true to the “pinup” form (read: sexy); but in a more realistic way. No scantily clad women, or “boob windows” in the costumes. Just naturally beautiful women serving the Empire or Rebels – whichever team you prefer. 😉

And to kick off the project, I started with a Biker Scout!  

Greetings From The Moon of Endor – Biker Scout Pinup

I plan on doing a series of these pinups, and it’s going to take some time to get them all drawn up and painted. I would also like to look into doing some type of merchandise with them, in either an official capacity or charitable one.  I haven’t decided yet, but I wanted to get the majority of them sketched out and at a reasonable phase of ‘done-ness’ before I start looking into all of that. As for prints of these beauties, I do know that I will do a limited run on them – so if you like what you see and I have them up for sale I’m giving you fair warning now that they will be limited and not open stock.

Oh, and also I am trying to line up my schedule for the second half of this year for conventions. I don’t know how many I will be attending, but when I do, I’ll post about it on my social media accounts. If you don’t already follow me on those, please go give a like or follow to keep up with me there. I don’t post often, but when I do it’s usually when I have something special to say or promote. Though I try not to spam.

Anyhow, I will post again when I get a free moment. Until then, thanks for checking out my work, and I’ll catch you guys later. Until next time…


Celebration Orlando Check-list & Itinerary Sheets!


Wow, you guys!  I’ve gotta say that I’m completely overwhelmed with the positive reactions to my Celebration Planning Sheets. I honestly didn’t expect it!  I wanted to personally say Thank You to everyone who’s shared this post. You guys are awesome! And also, to let you know that I’ve added yet another portion to these planning sheets. (Yes… again.) This time it’s Budget Sheets, both for the entire trip, and also our Shopping/Wishlist while at Celebration.

I’ve posted each of the PDFs by themselves (further down this page), but I then decided to go ahead and combine all of the sheets into one PDF – so you get them all in one download!  You can use any or all of the sheets; whatever suits your needs best.

But Thanks again, and we’ll see you guys at Celebration! 😀

Please click the image below for the Free PDF Download



Second Updated Post from March 22, 2017

**Second Update – Final Installment**

I think that I’m finished with the Celebration Planning Sheets now with this final update, lol. 🙂  Hopefully these will help keep us on track so we have less to worry with and can just have fun!There is a Wishlist to help manage your budget with all of the wonderful ‘Must Buys’ while at the con. There’s also a place to list the vendor or artist, and their booth number!  The second portion is the budget sheet for the entire trip that covers travel and lodging expenses, food & drink, and entertainment; with space for the estimated amounts and then the actual amounts. (I know I always spend too much!)  All to help keep us on track so we have less to worry with and can just have fun!

Please Click the Images Below to Download!


Updated Post from March 18, 2017


In preparation of the Celebration Schedule being posted, I’ve added a new Freebie – the Panel & Event Itinerary Sheet!

This PDF is editable; you can fill it out and print, or print and fill out by hand.
There’s also a checklist to make sure that you have your personal items with you for each event! 

Please click the Image below to download!


Original Post from Feb. 16, 2017


Greetings Everyone!

I wanted to share a special file that I’ve made for those who will be attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando this April. It’s an editable and printable checklist and itinerary PDF to help you get everything ready for an extended weekend full of Star Wars Geeky Goodness!

This PDF file includes:

  • Packing Check-list – for all of your normal clothing, toiletries, and accessory items.
  • Trip Itinerary #1 – This itinerary is for flights, hotel, car rental, and any other ticketed events.
  • Trip Itinerary #2 – This itinerary is for those who will be driving; including car rental info, driving directions, hotel, and other ticketed events.
  • Costume Check-list – For those who are going to be attending Celebration and will be dressing up in costume, whether you’re part of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs – or just want to dress up and have fun, this sheet is to help keep track of everything for your costumes!

I can’t wait for Celebration, and I hope to see you guys there! 😀

This is a FREE download, so please feel free to share!
(Click the image below to download)





*Note: The ‘Hope’ Leia T-shirt is no longer available on TeePublic.*


Greetings everyone!

It’s been a little while since my last post and a lot has happened. I’ve been painting right along and working on commissions and such since my last post in November, I’m just horrible about updates on my site. Sorry!

Okay, so since my last post, the biggest thing that happened in my mind (aside from politics driving me mad) is the loss of our Princess and General… Carrie Fisher. Her heart attack in late December came as a shock. Those in the Star Wars community and beyond were all sending her healing thoughts, prayers, and words of hope for her recovery. We were hoping that she wouldn’t be one of the many celebrities taken from us in 2016.  However, just when things seemed to be getting a bit better, Ms. Fisher passed away. When I got the news, I began crying – sobbing actually  – over her passing. I didn’t know Ms. Fisher, but I grew up with her presence; she was like a member of the family. Everyone’s favorite quirky Aunt. I admired her. She was always honest, open, and blunt. She had a great sense of humor with an amazing talent for writing, and she was a strong woman who didn’t take any nonsense. Those qualities are something that I believe that I, along with many other women in my generation and younger, have kind of absorbed into our personalities from her example. Sure, she had some wild times during her younger days, and she struggled with her bi-polar and depression, just like many of the rest of us do. But I think that the main reason that she was so inspiring is that she continued on, she didn’t give up, and she didn’t hide it or shy away from it. She accepted it as part of who she was.  Which is an example that I think lends itself to Hope.

Re-winding back to 2015, I had started a Princess Leia painting in August. I was creating a time-lapsed video series of the piece being created for demonstration purposes of my painting process. Anyhow, I had taken a screenshot of Leia and decided to post it to Twitter….



And to my surprise, Ms. Fisher saw it and Favorited it! Yes, I know I tagged her in it, but you hardly ever expect for celebrities to actually see all of their notifications. They get so many that I just assumed that mine would get lost in the shuffle of things, but I still wanted to attempt to show her.  Anyhow, time went on, I finished most of the video series, but I had other projects and commissions that demanded my time and that portrait of Princess Leia had been put on the back-burner.

Now, fast-forward to the day after Carrie’s passing, and we also lost her mother, Debbie Reynolds. I was, and still am, truly heartbroken over this – I can’t even imagine what Todd Fisher, Billy Lourd, and the rest of their family have gone through. I just know that the rest of the world’s hearts were breaking right along with them. I knew that Carrie and her mother, Debbie, were very close.  I kind of see a bit of my relationship with my Mother and Grandmother there also, so it hit doubly hard for me. Two icons lost in the span of a day. My heart ached with sadness that week, right along with the rest of their family, friends, and fans.


Leia’s Hope – In Memory of Carrie Fisher

As a way to channel that grief, I felt that it was time to go back to the portrait of Leia that I had begun in 2015, and finish it as a tribute to Carrie. Being an artist, I am motivated by my emotions, and there were lots of emotions for me to work through.  I wanted a title for this piece also, and given that I had recently seen Rogue One with the reprisal of Leia and her message of “Hope” – I just felt that the title of Hope would fit the piece nicely and serve as a reminder of Carrie’s personality and character to persevere in the face of opposition.

The piece changed a bit from its original concept design, but I think that it possibly turned out better than I had originally planned. The symbol in the top center is the Royal symbol of Alderaan, Leia Organa’s home planet that was destroyed by the Death Star in Star Wars A New Hope. I always felt that the symbol lent itself to an Art Nouveau style, so that inspired to rest of the piece. And of course the Rebel symbols encircling behind her, reminding us all that she was part of the Rebel Alliance. I also wanted to convey a bit of Bespin and Cloud City, seen in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, since her hairstyle and outfit/costume is from that portion of the film. And lastly, Hope, spelled beneath her to remind us that the ‘Rebellion was built on Hope’.

This piece will be one of three auctioned off for charity at the Drowning in Moonlight Gala Memorial for Carrie Fisher after the opening day of Star Wars Celebration Orlando on April 13th at the Rosen Center Hotel.


‘Hope’ – Princess Leia Organa

Then, fast forward to about a month after her passing, and I was inspired once again by Carrie and Leia. I wanted to create something to show that there really is hope and a resistance to what is going on in the real world. Yes, I’m speaking of politics. Those that follow me know that I have a not so subtle leaning towards the Rebellion and their aims. So… thus began a new piece of Leia artwork. I was still working within the theme of Hope, though the expression of Leia and her readiness with a blaster shows that we mean business. This is not the time to keep your head down and ignore the problems. It’s time to get your hands dirty, and work to rebel against the tyranny of the Empire.

For this piece I chose her iconic look from A New Hope, and paired it with a similar styling to what was seen on the packaging of the original Star Wars action figures from the late 70s and early 80s. And of course, the “O” of Hope is replaced with the Rebel Alliance symbol. The subtle shifting of hues from black to blue in the background behind her in the star-field are to represent the fight of oppression and tyranny. (Notice there’s more blue than black, there’s a reason for that… the good guys always win!)


And also, while designing this piece, I was thinking that it would make a great design for a t-shirt. I already have a shop on TeePublic, so I thought what better way to help others, than to give the proceeds to charity and to help ensure the rights of every American? So, with that idea, I posted the design and made it known that portions of the proceeds were going to be split between a charity that Carrie Supported, Midnight Mission; as well as the ACLU to support the rights of all Americans.

Just a side note… I am not selling this design in attempt to make a profit off Ms. Fisher or her passing. I am splitting the proceeds between the two great causes in hopes that it will help to benefit those in need as well as protect and strengthen our liberties. Something that I think Ms. Fisher would get behind completely.

So if you have a little extra money, and would like a cool shirt of our Rebellious Princess with her message of Hope, and want to help out some great causes while you’re at it, then pop on over to TeePublic and order! There are not only t-shirts for men, but women’s cut tees as well, with tank tops, kids t-shirts, and hoodies too!


And last but not least… as a little commentary of what is going on in the world and where Carrie stood on the matter, I leave you with a tweet from our very own Mark Hamill – aka – Luke Skywalker.



Thanks for reading & checking out what I’ve been up to lately, and until next time…


(All depictions of Leia Organa are owned by Lucasfilm & Disney, I claim no copyright on the characters or property)

2016 Updates…


Well… I see that I have once again fallen behind on my website posts.  I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of uploading art to their respective galleries though – if you’d have a chance to peruse through them recently. 😉


keep-calm-and-imagine-create-inspire-2So, this year has gone a little differently than planned, but in a good way.  In late June I was finally able to go full time with my artwork.  Yay!  (que the balloons and confetti, haha)  As a result, I’ve been pretty busy. On the convention front, I think that I’m going to take some time off from them and focus more on private commissions, and my own artwork and line of products.  There may be a few conventions that I still attend for 2017, but smaller and more local ones.  As for my products… well… my bookmarks that I usually have at conventions are so much fun to design and create, that I feel that I must continue them.  Most are up in my Etsy shop, but some I still have yet to upload.  Plus, not a lot of people make bookmarks quite like mine, and I like that they’re unique; not only in their design, but also in their construction.  However, with that said, I feel that I want to branch out a bit from just the ‘geek’ themes.  I’m not quite sure what that means just yet, but I know it will be fun discovering it along the way in the design process.


Kid Ahsoka – Star Wars Rebels

I’ve also started a new line of portraits that are kind of like dolls or large-eyed kids.  I haven’t quiet decided, but they certainly are fun to paint.  I know the style has been around for decades, made most famous by Margaret Keane in the 1960s, and others since then.  But Mine seem to be a little different.  I’m essentially applying all of my painting techniques to these cute little kids with the large eyes, of characters we all know and love.  I guess you could also say that they are almost ‘chibi’ style as well.  But I leave that up to the viewer to decide.  I just paint what I think is cute. haha.


berrydamask_plannerpromo_mainimage-800I also will be designing more downloadable planners.  The day planner/calendar types.  I LOVE my planner, and while I don’t get into all of the stickers, labels, washi tape and all of that, I do love to color-code, and try and keep track of everything.  So… I figured why not share that with others.  I have a few designs currently in my Etsy Shop, but more are on the way soon. I just have to finish designing them! 😀  If there’s a particular layout or design that you’ve been looking for, either online or in stores, but you haven’t found it yet, I do take suggestions and will do custom planner designs at a moderate price.  So for all of my planner-fans – keep that in mind for the upcoming new year! 🙂


At this point, there’s no telling of what the future holds for me, art wise, but I know that it’s just going to be a wonderful ride.  So… until next time…