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Wow, you guys!  I’ve gotta say that I’m completely overwhelmed with the positive reactions to my Celebration Planning Sheets. I honestly didn’t expect it!  I wanted to personally say Thank You to everyone who’s shared this post. You guys are awesome! And also, to let you know that I’ve added yet another portion to these planning sheets. (Yes… again.) This time it’s Budget Sheets, both for the entire trip, and also our Shopping/Wishlist while at Celebration.

I’ve posted each of the PDFs by themselves (further down this page), but I then decided to go ahead and combine all of the sheets into one PDF – so you get them all in one download!  You can use any or all of the sheets; whatever suits your needs best.

But Thanks again, and we’ll see you guys at Celebration! 😀

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Second Updated Post from March 22, 2017

**Second Update – Final Installment**

I think that I’m finished with the Celebration Planning Sheets now with this final update, lol. 🙂  Hopefully these will help keep us on track so we have less to worry with and can just have fun!There is a Wishlist to help manage your budget with all of the wonderful ‘Must Buys’ while at the con. There’s also a place to list the vendor or artist, and their booth number!  The second portion is the budget sheet for the entire trip that covers travel and lodging expenses, food & drink, and entertainment; with space for the estimated amounts and then the actual amounts. (I know I always spend too much!)  All to help keep us on track so we have less to worry with and can just have fun!

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Updated Post from March 18, 2017


In preparation of the Celebration Schedule being posted, I’ve added a new Freebie – the Panel & Event Itinerary Sheet!

This PDF is editable; you can fill it out and print, or print and fill out by hand.
There’s also a checklist to make sure that you have your personal items with you for each event! 

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Original Post from Feb. 16, 2017


Greetings Everyone!

I wanted to share a special file that I’ve made for those who will be attending Star Wars Celebration Orlando this April. It’s an editable and printable checklist and itinerary PDF to help you get everything ready for an extended weekend full of Star Wars Geeky Goodness!

This PDF file includes:

  • Packing Check-list – for all of your normal clothing, toiletries, and accessory items.
  • Trip Itinerary #1 – This itinerary is for flights, hotel, car rental, and any other ticketed events.
  • Trip Itinerary #2 – This itinerary is for those who will be driving; including car rental info, driving directions, hotel, and other ticketed events.
  • Costume Check-list – For those who are going to be attending Celebration and will be dressing up in costume, whether you’re part of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs – or just want to dress up and have fun, this sheet is to help keep track of everything for your costumes!

I can’t wait for Celebration, and I hope to see you guys there! 😀

This is a FREE download, so please feel free to share!
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