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**Attention** At this time, I am no longer accepting submissions for Custom Pinup Portraits. Sorry for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

Pinups… everyone seems to love the art of Pinup Girls.  The fun, playful depictions showcase the beautiful, seductive, and confident side of our feminine personalities; while at the same time showing off some of our best assets.  There’s just something about the style of Pinups that seems to transcend time like no other.  For years, Jenn has been painting Pinups in various styles influenced by the greats of the past such as Vargas, Petty, and of course, her favorite, Elvgren.  No detail is spared when she is painting her latest Pinup portrait either. She creates works of art that are both sexy and tasteful, and that are cherished for a lifetime.

If you love the Pinup style, and are ready to show yourself off as the gem you truly are for all to see, then perhaps it’s time to have a portrait of yourself  created as a Pinup!
Sometimes, you have to just throw caution to the wind and treat yourself!



There aren’t many requirements for getting your Pinup portrait started.  The most important thing is reference photos.  Good, clear reference photos provided by you of the face/head of the person to be drawn is a must. Different angles or poses are also helpful. In addition to the face, at least one or two fully body shots in similar poses that you want for the custom Pinup portrait.  It also helps if you’re female, at least in appearance; though it’s not a deal-breaker.  Photos may be sent through email or a private folder on Google Drive will be set up for the photos to be uploaded to. Either way is perfectly fine, as long as the photos arrive and are a decent size to see detail.

Concept & Design

The overall concept is generally up to you.  Most of Jenn’s clients in the past usually have a very specific concept in mind.  When there isn’t a clear concept already, they have shown similar images to what they want and the details have been worked out from there. Or, Jenn can always throw out some ideas and you guys can brainstorm together. The main thing that Jenn is really concerned with is that your Pinup portrait is a reflection of you and your uniqueness, and that you are happy with the end result.

What’s Included?

  • A custom Full Color Pinup Portrait in the size of your choice, printed on high quality Luster photo paper. You may choose from either an 8″ X 10″ or a 12″ X 16″ – Two standard sizes, easy to frame and hang up in your home, or anywhere, immediately.
  • A Web-sized file of the finished piece.  This file is suitable for Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media that you might wish to share on. This file is usually a JPEG or PNG file.
  • A High Resolution File of your Pinup portrait.  The file types offered are TIFF, PDF, and PSD (Photoshop Document – if requested). With any of these files, you can have additional prints made professionally, print extras yourself at home, or have custom items and merchandise created with your portrait.
  • And finally the Certificate of Authenticity – specifically for the Pinups! The certificate is an agreement between you and the artist, allowing you to make additional prints of the artwork.  It also specifies that the rights to the work are both yours and the artist’s, and both are free to use the artwork as they wish so long as it doesn’t defame or harm either person.


Pricing & Package Options

The size and details requested do play a role in the cost of the Pinup portrait.  A minimal background consisting of a few props, or maybe a piece of furniture or something similar doesn’t take as much time to render. However, if you wanted a full scene that is more detailed, it takes more time to complete. Therefore, Jenn has provided a few different options to suit any budget.

  • Package #1: An 8″ X 10″ Pinup with a minimal background is $150.
  • Package #2: An 8″ X 10″ Pinup with a more detailed background is $207.
  • Package #3: A 12″ X 16″ Pinup with a minimal background is $258.
  • Package #4: A 12″ X 16″ Pinup with a more detailed background is $310.

The printing & shipping costs are factored into the price, so you do not have to worry about any extra fees.


Time Frame

The Pinup portraits are able to be completed fairly quickly compared to some of the other types of work Jenn offers.  Most of the time a Pinup with a minimal background will take around One to Two weeks to complete, depending on the size.  If the background is more detailed, the time frame goes to Three to Four weeks.  In the event that this will be a gift for someone, please be sure to allow enough time for the Pinup portrait to be completed and allow up to ten days shipping time.  It usually doesn’t take longer than a week for shipping, although there might be delays depending on the time of year.  That’s always something to keep in mind when planning for when you’d like to have this piece created as a gift.


Payment Options

Payment is through Paypal usually. You may choose to pay the fee entirely or you may put down a 50% deposit to begin work and hold your spot in my queue, then pay the remaining amount when the Pinup portrait is completed to your satisfaction.  The choice is yours!

If you would prefer another method of payment, please be sure to include that in your message so that Jenn is aware.


How does this whole thing work and what can I expect?

For those who have never had any custom art done by Jenn, we’ll do a little walk-through of the process.

  • First – Contact! If you’re interested in having a custom Pinup portrait created, send a message to Jenn and make contact.  You may do this by filling out the form below, or sending a message through the Contact page, or sending an email to  In your message you would tell your basic ideas for your Pinup to Jenn, as well as the time-frame you’re looking to have it completed by.  From there, Jenn will reply back to you to confirm your request.  Sometimes a little back-and-forth discussion is needed to hammer out the details.  Once the details are agreed on, Jenn will send you an invoice through Paypal.  Generally the invoice is set up so that you can pay half of the total amount as a deposit, or you can decide to pay in full.
  • Second – References! Once the details are locked in and payment is made, you would send your Reference photos to Jenn at this time.  You can choose to email them if you wish.  Although Jenn will usually set up a private folder on Google Drive and send a link to you.  You will be able to upload the images you wish to be used.  You can also upload any other images to give Jenn a better idea of what you’re looking for as well.  There is no such thing as too much reference material!
  • Concept Sketch of Gotham City Sirens

    Third – Sketches! You will receive sketches of your Pinup portrait.  This is the “linework” phase.  It’s where every portrait begins.  Jenn will render you (or whomever you wish) in a somewhat detailed sketch, including any other elements requested for the background or for the Pinup themselves.  This will be your first proof so you can see if everyone is on the same page for the design. If something isn’t exactly how you were picturing it, or you wish to change a few small details, this is the time to let Jenn know.  Most of the revisions or changes should be made in this stage.  (Please keep in mind that anything beyond three (3) rounds of changes will have an extra fee of $25 for the additional time.) Once the linework looks the way you wish, you give the ‘go-ahead’ to Jenn to start laying down color!

  • Fourth – Color!  If the linework has been approved, Jenn will begin laying down color.  This is the longest portion of the entire process.  You will receive proofs, usually in the Google Drive folder, for you to see how your Pinup is coming along.  Also, sometimes Jenn will also do live broadcasts online showing what she’s currently working on and you may be able to watch her painting your Pinup live.
  • Final Composition of the Gotham City Sirens

    Fifth – Completion! Once everything seems to be completed, Jenn will send you a final proof for you to look over. If it all looks good, she will then print everything out and get it ready to ship out to you.  This would be when the remaining portion of the invoice would need to be paid as well. The cost of the printing and shipping are factored into the price, so you don’t have to worry about adding in anything extra. Then everything gets shipped, and you receive a tracking number.  Then finally… delivery! Of course you’ll receive an email with access to the digital files as well for both web and personal printing uses.

And that’s pretty much the entire process and how it works.  Sometimes things vary from piece to piece, depending on what is being requested, but this is how things usually go.


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