It’s that time again…


Hello My Beautiful Peoples!  Happy New Year!

Well, 2017 was certainly a year, wasn’t it? 😉 So many great things happened for my family and I this past year. The biggest being that we bought a new house! And… I now have an awesome new studio space! Yippee! Though I don’t have everything the way I want it just yet, I have it in a ‘workable’ setup for the time being. I think closer to spring time is when I’ll start posting pictures and updates on my studio – you know… when I actually begin to get everything painted and the furniture acquired and set up and all of that stuff.

I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I’ve been working on new pieces, as well as private commissions, and am finally remembering to post an update. Only about seven months late, but better late than never, right? Oh, also I am going to also be putting most of my print inventory up in my Store, soon. It’s time to clear out the old, and make room for the new! I have so many ideas that I want to get to this year, and hopefully, with a little luck and hard work, I’ll get to them all. Between painting, designing, and working on the new house, it’s going to be a really full year ahead, and I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully some of you will follow along with my journey in 2018.

General Leia – May the Force Be With You

Also… If you haven’t had a chance to see what I’ve been up to lately, please, go check out my galleries, I have done a bit of an update to showcase all of the work I’ve been completing over these last few months and I hope you all enjoy viewing them as much as I loved creating them.

That’s about it for me for now, I have to get back to work… these paintings are going to paint themselves! 🙂  Thanks for catching up with me, and I hope to post again soon!

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I am Jenn DePaola, a digital and traditional artist. I specialize in portraits, pinups, and other fun geeky stuff of the sci-fi & fantasy genre's.

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