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Help For Rex...

Updated: Sep 24

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on social media, you might have become familiar with one of my kitties, Rex. A few months ago back in June we noticed that Rex had started losing weight, which is never good a sign when they get older, and we took him to the vet. They did a full panel of bloodwork, as well as testing his urine. The results came in a few days later... He's in Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 3. He is 14 years old, but aside from being a bit more finicky about his food, and drinking more water, he was acting mostly normal. After his diagnosis, the vet prescribed appetite stimulant meds for every 72 hours and subcutaneous fluids every day. So for the past month and a half or so we've been giving him all of those things. Although he wasn't reacting well to the pill form of the appetite stimulants and we had to go with the transdermal ointment, which is more than the cost of the pills before.

In addition to the meds, we had to change his food to a renal diet. And I can tell you right now, he has never been more picky about his food in his entire life! Normally Rex is a little piggy... begging for whatever you're eating, jumping up on the counters late at night looking for any crumbs that we may have left behind. But the renal diet food is hit or miss. He disliked ALL but ONE brand, which was the most expensive. Of course. *sigh*

Between the multiple vet visits, cost of tests, prescriptions, and food... it's become quite a bit more costly than we anticipated. We signed up for the vet's 'Club Care', which helps with some of the costs of the exams, but we're still trying to pay down the current vet bill.

So... that brings me to the part that I really dislike doing and that's asking for help. These past few months I have not been able to take on any new projects between family obligations, in addition to taking care of Rex. So that means that our income has been a little bit more lean than normal.

If you have a few dollars to spare, it would be greatly appreciated. Any amount helps. Paul and I have also decided that any funds remaining after paying off the vet bill will be donated to the local SPCA and Angels of Assisi Shelter.

I have set up a special PayPal link just for Rex's donations here...

And if you're not into donating, I have also set up a Redbubble design so you can purchase all kinds of merchandise with his design on it here...

Thank you all so much! We all appreciate your generosity so very much!

With Love,

Jenn, Paul, Rex, and Echo

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