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Jenn DePaola


Jenn is an Illustrator, Designer, and Tarot Reader. She resides in Southwestern Virginia (USA) nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, Paul, and their two kitties, Rex and Echo. (Yes, they are named after Clones in Star Wars.)

Jenn is a fan of Pop Culture, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and of course Art! She learned to draw and paint as a child and that passion has never left. She was always enamored and inspired by all of the art she saw, be it fine art or cartoons . That inspiration has continually fueled her passions for creating and learning new techniques that help her style to evolve.

She has been a professional illustrator for the past 20+ years, specializing in digital illustration. She loves the range and adaptability digital art and design give her.


More recently Jenn has made the decision to offer Tarot Readings. She has been reading Tarot for 25+ years, though mostly as a hobby. Although now she feels that it is time for her offer readings to those who may need a little extra guidance in their lives. She is also experienced with using Dowsing/Divining Rods as well.  

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