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Jenn DePaola


Jenn is an illustrator of Pin-up and Portrait art with a penchant for pop culture. She resides in Southwestern Virginia (USA) nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband, Paul, and their two kitties, Rex and Cody. (Yes, they are named after Clones in Star Wars.)

ABOUT: About

A bit more about Jenn

I’m into Pop Culture, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and of course ART! I learned to draw and paint as a child and, naturally, that passion has never really left. I was always enamored and inspired by all of the art I saw, be it fine art or cartoons. Or anything else in between. And that inspiration has continually fueled my passions for creating new art and learning new techniques. It has pushed me and allowed my style to evolve over time as I became more adept with my preferred mediums.

I began experimenting with digital art around 2006 and haven’t stopped yet. I love the range and adaptability it gives me. Depending on the piece, whether it’s a vintage look or pencil and charcoal, I am able to render it. I just love the fluidity of digital art.


My Current Work...

At this time my work consists mostly of Pin-up Art with a sprinkling of Portrait work in there for good measure, as well as contract work. Commissions are limited based on my current projects and time constraints. If you wish to commission me for a custom art piece, please visit my commission page for more info.

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