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Commissions Are Closed!

To sign up for my Wait-list, please use the form below.

 Thanks!  - Jenn

Pirate Pinup Girl - jenndepaola

Custom Pin-Up and Portrait Illustrations

Pin-up and Portrait commissions, to me, are very personal. It’s something that no one else will have. Which makes it all the more special, in my humble opinion.


Pin-up artwork can be hung up on the wall with pride or displayed in a more private setting. Pin-ups or Portraits can be gifted to friends or relatives. They are something that can show off one’s personality in a way that no other gift can. And that’s what I offer. A chance to own custom artwork that is personal, unique, and will be cherished for years to come.


If you’ve been looking for the ultimate personalized gift, please check out the options offered below and get a personalized quote.

Bettie Page Pinup Illustration and Reference Image by Jenn DePaola

Pinup Commissions

Pinups are fun, they’re spunky, and they have a playfulness to them like no other kind of art. They can reflect pop culture, a romantic side, a sexy and playful side… really they can be anything and everything. I enjoy creating Pinup art reminiscent to the styles from the 1940s and 50s. They can show off a person’s personality, as well as, play up aspects of their features. That can be done with the outfit, props, or the background scenery. The only rule I have for any Pinup commission is that they must be depicted in a tasteful manner. All the ‘bits’ are covered; however, the personality still shines through in the piece

What You Get...

  • Vintage Style Pin-up similar to the 1940s and 1950s era of One Person.

  • Digital File Included in multiple formats

*Fifty (50) percent installment payment is required to hold your space on my waitlist.

*Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for Pinups to be completed
*Reference Photos Required

General Leia Organa Illustration and reference by Jenn DePaola

Portrait Commissions

Portrait commissions are a wonderful way to honor someone you care about. With all of my Portrait work, I strive for photo-realism. All the details are there, but they still have that painted feel. I try to capture a person’s personality from the reference photos provided but add a little extra. Whether it’s a sketch or a full-color portrait, the details are what matter to make it the best it can be.

What You Get...

  • Fully Detailed Bust Portrait of One Person​

  • Digital File Included in multiple formats

*Fifty (50) percent installment payment is required to hold your space on my waitlist.

*Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for Portraits to be completed
*Reference Photos Required

Commission Process - What To Expect
Quote Agreement Contract Icon - jenndepaola

Phase 1

  • When I receive a custom commission quote form I will reply to the client to discuss their ideas to ensure that I have a good grasp of what they would like created.

  • I then write up a proposal for the project including the price quote and timeline. If the client approves, an invoice for the 50% installment payment is sent, as well as the contract.

  • At that time a private link will be sent to the client for uploading their reference images.


*Note: No work will begin until the contract is signed and uploaded and the first installment payment is received.

Sketching painting proofs icon - jenndepaola

Phase 2

  • I then combine all descriptions, references, and inspiration images provided by the client and begin sketching out the pin-up or portrait. 

  • Once the sketch is completed it is uploaded to the client's folder for their approval. This is the best time to make any revisions to the project.

  • Once the sketch is approved the painting begins. This is where the project really starts to come to life and it is also the longest phase of the project. Proofs are sent during this portion as well to show progress.

*Note: Up to three (3) revisions are included. After that, each revision is $25.

Final approval of art and file types - jenndepaola

Phase 3

  • After all of the details are completed I upload a final proof to the client for their final approval.

  • When the final project is approved by the client I format their commission into four (4) different file formats. PSD (photoshop document), JPG, PNG, and TIF.

  • With the final installment payment paid, I then upload the files where the client may then download them and have them printed.

  • We're now done, and I thank you for your business.

*Note: Files are created at 16" by 16" at 350dpi. Custom sizes and file types are available upon request. 

Custom Commission Quote

To get a quote for your custom Pinup or Portrait, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

What type of illustration were you interested in?

Thanks for your submission! I'll be in touch soon!

"Overall the experience was excellent. Frequent communication willing to work with my ideas and make revisions and the end product was excellent. She did a superb job of capturing my subject's likeness and making the entire process fun and exciting."

— Josh B.

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