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By subscribing to my blog, you'll get an inside look at my work as an artist. I'll be sharing exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes glimpses of my studio and my creative process. You'll also get early access to my latest pieces and have the opportunity to purchase open stock and limited edition prints before they are available to the general public. There will also be discounts, too. Plus you'll be supporting an Artist!

I am thrilled to share this journey with you and can't wait to connect with you through my work.


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    Support my art by subscribing to my blog for behind the scenes, works in progress, and special downloads just for supporters!
    • Bi-Weekly Blog Posts of Behind the Scenes in my Studio
    • Discounts on Art Prints - Open stock and Limited Edition
    • Exclusive Access to Downloadable Wallpapers, PDFs, and More!

What made you want to do this?

For several years I've had an account with Patreon. And while they have been great and I love my patrons there, it has been really difficult to promote Patreon on other social media sites to get any kind of growth. The algorithm of the different social sites seem to not like Patreon so they don't allow it to reach as many of my followers. Or that's how it's seemed to me after looking at the analytics for a few years.

With that in mind I decided that since my website was capable of hosting my own subscription blog that I would test it out and see if any of my followers would prefer to support my art here instead of a third-party site. I feel that this would allow for a more authentic connection with my followers and supporters as well as it would get around the issues with the social media sites so people would actually see my posts.

So, that's basically it in a nutshell. I'm tired of trying to figure out the algorithms of social media. I'm tired of those platforms moving the goal post and making creatives jump through hoops just to have their works seen by the people who followed them. I guess you could say I'm going back to the way things were before social media when you had to rely on newsletters and blogs; but also that was more personal back then too. It wasn't for 'likes' or anything. It felt real... in a way that social media doesn't these days. Don't get me wrong, social media has it's place and I'm not leaving entirely. Not yet, at least. It just seems like it's time for a change in how I do things. You've gotta shake things up every once in a while.

And for those who may want to keep up with me and my work but aren't able to subscribe to my blog I will be releasing a monthly Newsletter with a few highlights here and there of what I've been up to that you can sign up for.


Oh, and just to make it clear, I will never sell or distribute your personal information. If you subscribe to my blog or newsletter, your information is safe.

Thank you for your support and for following me along on this journey.


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