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And So It Begins...

And so begins the transition over to my own website and blog...

device wallpaper designs by jenn depaola - for blog subscribers - super supporters
Wallpaper Examples

I've officially uploaded all of the different device and desktop Wallpapers over here onto my very own blog for my Super Supporters. We're talking over 100 designs all together! These were all posted on my Patreon, so they are considered part of my Wallpaper Archives. While there are some 'doubles' - they are all different sizes for different types of devices.

It's a monthly fee to access them, just like Patreon, but this way it's just me and my website - no other middle-man or company. 😊

I'm so very excited to start this journey, and if you would like to support my work and have access to my Wallpaper Archives as well as access to all new designs as they become available each month, please consider subscribing and becoming a Super Supporter of my blog. Thank you so much!



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