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Updated: Mar 21

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I have been debating about what to do going forward with my website, and I think I've finally decided what to do. Given the unpredictable nature that is social media, I figured that I would actually use the Blog feature of my own website to create a new blog and newsletter. I've been using Patreon for a long while, however it hasn't really grown much over the last 7 or 8 years. Not like I had hoped. I don't promote it very much on social media because every time I do my reach is throttled on my posts. Not that I get that much reach, but still. For me, it's noticable.

So... that lead me to take a more serious look at my website and see what kind of features and options they offer. And surprisingly, they do offer a subscription setting for blogs. So... in the next month or so, I'm probably going to be moving over most of my exclusive content from Patreon and placing it here on my own website that I actually pay for. And if I get enough subscriptions on my own website, I will close out my Patreon.

I'm also looking to start a monthly newsletter for those who may not be able to support me with a subscription, but still want to see some of the things that I've been up to. So, please be sure to sign up for that if you're interested.

Anyhow, thank you to those who actually read my ramblings, and I guess we'll see where this goes from here. Thanks!



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